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Clearly Presentable specializes in targeted branding and beautiful web design, exclusively using WordPress for its versatile content management capabilities. We also provide HTML5 animation and copywriting services to our customers.

Positioning Sessions

Discover the communication problems that need to be solved with One-on-One Coaching

Can you clearly articulate who your best customers are? How clear is your business story? What are the precise communication problems your website is supposed to solve? Without answers to these questions, the “visual voice” of your site might be pretty, but it won’t speak to the needs of your audience.

Instead of pulling a canned theme off the shelf and shoe-horning your brand into placeholders we’ll point a warm spotlight onto the heart of your business, focusing squarely on your story and your audience.

Positioning Sessions include:

  • Five worksheets which will help you clearly define your audience–delivered weekly
  • Five 1.5 hour one-on-one sessions to review your responses and brainstorm solutions. (Via Skype, phone call or in-person for Santa Fe and Taos businesses.)

Positioning is fun.

Our process is creative and collaborative. Together, we’ll step into the shoes of your ideal customer, empathizing with his or her biggest wishes and worst nightmares as they relate to your specific products or services. Then we’ll dive into your story–WHY you do what you do, your passions, your quirks, and what drew you toward the work you do. Whether or not you think of yourself as an artist, we’ll encourage you to sketch out your answers. Many of our clients find doodling on their worksheets (or the back of a paper napkin) helps to externalize ideas that are hard to write down on paper.

By the time you have completed these sessions you will have more clarity with the following items:

  • Who your audience really is and ways to comunicate clearly and effectively with them.
  • How your story relates to your business and makes you memorable.
  • How you fit in the overall landscape of your industry.
  • A path toward clear, powerful branding and messaging.

Positioning Sessions Price: $1200-$2500

Availability: Currently booking for early July, 2017.

Wordpress Web Design

You’re a creative & skilled entrepreneur, not a hobbyist.

Many creative entrepreneurs are good at creating an initial blog or first-generation website. But as your business begins to take off you’ll need more than a blog–you need professional online marketing tool.

What’s included in our web design services packages?

That depends on what you actually need.

Do you really need a complex solution, or would a simple approach suffice? Will Paypal serve just fine, or is a full-fledged shopping cart with membership capabilities what you need to serve your customers?

The best way we can help you answer these questions is to know what problems need to be solved. Because design is not art. Design solves problems.

This is why we include Positioning Sessions in every web design estimate–to help us both be clear on the problems your site needs to solve.  Once we’ve wrapped our arms around this, we won’t be guessing about what you actually need–and… you won’t be wasting your money!

Because web development requires the coordination of many items, we will determine what your requirements are during our sessions together session. Once completed, Clearly Presentable will provide you with a comprehensive estimate based on your actual needs. (See below for a rough idea of costs.)

What to expect

What you need to do:  We believe a website is only as good as its words. When you have both the written voice and the visual voice working seamlessly together, your website will communicate on multiple levels. This is why we require the majority of your written content be ready to roll before the Design Phase begins. Without clear messaging, it’s very difficult to be clear on who we’re designing for or how to go about visually telling your story.

PHASE ONE–Messaging: If, at the end of our strategizing sessions, you would like help with writing or editing your content, we will help you.

PHASE TWO–Prototyping: After we sail past the positioning and messaging goal posts, we will nail down your site architecture–the navigational framework of your website. Once approved, work begins on a prototype, which is a simple working web model that contains placeholders for the images and words that will appear on your site.

PHASE THREE–Design: Once your prototype is set, we begin styling it with typefaces, color, headlines and visual content. You just might be amazed how a little styling goes a very long way. I like to think of it as the Gloss Phase of your overall web development.

Because the entire process is conducted in a private development area online, you will feel a part of the process, watching the site unfold and providing input as we go along. This is new paradigm in interactive design. You will not be asked to sign off on static comps, or wait while a wizard works frantically behind a curtain. This will be a collaborative effort, requiring some serious focus and fun!

PHASE FOUR–Review + Launch: Final reviews are conducted together, either in person or via Skype.

What is your budget?

Sharing your budget allows me to determine how much time our team can allocate to your website. It also helps us plan effectively and give our best advice. Although it certainly is possible to design a website for you in couple of days for a few hundred dollars, the final product will function and look as if it was thrown together without skill and intelligence. A strategically designed website is just like a team member–one who communicates clearly and puts your best foot forward 24/7. Design is an investment.

Basic Templated Design: Straight-forward template-based websites start at $2900. This solution is a good for businesses that are just starting out or have hit a point where their outdated “bloggy” website needs a facelift for a modest budget. We will guide you in the selection of a trusted Theme and give you some time to develop your written content yourself. On an agreed upon date, we will begin development on your website with your copy, provided logo and images, transforming your theme with colors and typography that match your branding. Note: If you decide you need positioning session, copywriting or logo design prior to your content deadline, we can re-negotiate your fee and deadline to meet your needs.

Premium pricing: Our customized, unique web design start at $8000. If you need a comprehensive, professional online presence that includes a variety of functionality, e-commerce capablility and more than 10 pages of content, our prices generally start at $10,000. Websites requiring logo design and additional items such as membership and e-commerce start at $12,000.

Availability: Currently booking for early July, 2017.

Wordpress WebCare Plan

There’s nothing beautiful about getting hacked (or losing sleep worrying about it).

When your brand new site launches online security may be the furthest thing from your mind. After all, everything is shiny, new and up to date, isn’t it?

From a security standpoint, they couldn’t be more spot-on. A freshly minted, professionally developed WordPress site is completely up-to-date with the most recent versions of WordPress, theme software and plugins.

But just like a home that gets really unseemly without routine housekeeping, or your car’s engine gets gloopy if you don’t change the oil, your website will get dirtier and greasier under its hood the longer it goes without routine security maintenance.

As a courtesy, Clearly Presentable includes 1 month of routine WebCare coverage with every web development contract. We provide monthly reports that detail every back-up, upgrades and site uptime. We also relay any pertinent notices your security plugin has issued so you know it’s really protecting you.

Please click here for detailed information on our WebCare Plans, which start at $125 per month.

Retain Our Services!

Get first-line service at our best prices.

If you know you will need ongoing support, placing us on a monthly retainer makes good business sense. Retainer clients receive 1 or more days per month set aside just for them and can enjoy discounts up to 20% depending on the total number of hours secured. We even allow you to “bank and borrow” a full month’s hours.

Services  Included:

  • Blog posting
  • Content updates
  • Design updates to your site
  • “Eyes on your Site”
  • Image editing
  • Design for your social media outlets
  • Powerpoint | Keynote Presentation/Webinar/Slideshare development

Services not included on retainer include: Logo design, HTML5 animation, Web design packages and video production.

The Pricing Table below will give you a sense of how we price our web design services on average projects based on overall scope. We take your budget, content and goals into consideration when providing estimates, understanding every client is unique with unique requirements. Please fill out our Web Design Questionnaire to get the ball rolling!

Basic, Theme-Based

Starting at $3500
Taking your new business seriously
  • Theme-based (templated) WordPress Solution–beautifully branded and mobile-responsive
  • Inclusion of your logoif you have one
  • 10 page setupyour content added
  • Standard plugins–installed & configured
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Social media buttons
  • Opt-in form using Mailchimp
  • Contact form – standard
  • Basic Site WebCare Coverage for 1 month: security, software & plugin updates 

Premium +

Starting at $10,000
Deluxe solutions with added functionality
  • Clarity Sessions: get laser focused on who you are and the audience(s) you serve
  • WordPress Design: customized, creative and mobile-responsive
  • Implementation of your logoif you have one (logo refresh/design available)
  • 20 pages setupyour content added
  • Standard plugins installed & configured
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Social media buttonsshare + follow 
  • Contact form standard
  • Basic WebCare Coverage for 1 month: security, software & plugin updates 
  • Blog posts importedif possible
  • Mailchimp Opt-in form
  • Newsletter Template Design
  • Auto Responder/Opt-in (Mailchimp)
  • 1 Custom social media page design (branded FB, Twitter, Youtube channels)
  • Questionnaire
  • Landing page design
  • Package Add-ons: price reflects 1-2 additional services (see below)

Why sharing your budget is so important to both of us

When considering new web design projects, we weigh available funds against the time it will take to produce your website, considering what can be fairly and professionally delivered for the time your budget can realistically cover. We value transparency, which is why we publicly share our pricing. We also know our best clients understand the value of what we deliver. Most certainly, we could deliver a website for only $800, but the quality would not be in keeping with our highest standards and would not deliver the results we think our clients deserve.


*Estimates above do not include gross receipts tax for businesses located in New Mexico.

Additional services we offer to suit your specific needs.
Note: printing costs additional

Brand + Promotional Design


  • Logo Design (8 comps to choose from)
  • Business Card + Letterhead
  • Brochure design
  • Notecards
  • Whitepaper design
  • Illustration
  • Banner design
  • Web animation
  • Video & sound editing

Extending WordPress


  • E-commerce
  • Membership area
  • SEO

Presentation Design


  • Powerpoint Design
  • Keynote Presentation Design

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