Connecting Cultures for Southwest Airlines

Connecting Cultures for Southwest Airlines

Connecting Cultures is a small company in Washington, DC whose mission is to educate government and corporate clients on diversity in the workplace. I became completely enamored with owner, Luby Ishmail. Her positive spirit in the face of adversity just won me over and we went on to create three presentations together.

Connecting Cultures Presentation from susan preston on Vimeo.

In this particular piece, Connecting Cultures pitches their services to educate Southwest Airlines’ employees on the importance of treating all passengers with respect, regardless of their faith or ethnicity.

Bullet points were kept to a minimum to help maintain a consistent flow to the presentation, which features large sweeping skyscape images which spread the distance of several frames, creating a panoramic and hopeful feeling for the audience.

There were two chapters in this presentation. When the first speaker handed over the reigns to discuss why the team was uniquely qualified to meet Southwest Airlines’ needs, the background changed to a dramatic sunset with warm, friendly tones. The piece ends with a personal story that appealed to Southwest Airlines values of working with heart and authenticity.










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March 15, 2015

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