Valverde Energy Trade Show Loop

Valverde Energy Keynote Presentation

Valverde Energy provides expert solar heating and solar electric installations in New Mexico, including: Taos, Santa Fe and Los Alamos. This trade show presentation, which was first unveiled at the annual Home & Garden Expo in Taos, serves as an attract loop–a very effective method to entice the interest of attendees perusing sponsor booths. The main purpose of a piece like this is to enchant the viewer just enough that she will pause long enough to engage in a real, live conversation with the president of the company. 

Because attract loops generally stand on their own without any added speaker support, text should be kept to a minimum. Imagine walking through a show hall–would a long paragraph of text or a pile of bullet points persuade you to pause and consider, or send you running? As with all presentations, clarity and simplicity are key to effectively communicating your ideas to your audience.

Clearly Presentable is proud to also provide print advertising and web design services for this sustainable company!

Trade show presentation animation
Valverde_Tradeshow_03.003 Valverde_Tradeshow_03.007 Valverde_Tradeshow_03.008 Valverde_Tradeshow_03.015 Valverde_Tradeshow_03.017 Valverde_Tradeshow_03.024 Valverde_Tradeshow_03.029 Valverde_Tradeshow_03.033 Valverde_Tradeshow_03.034

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January 16, 2014

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