On doing the work we love and how to do more of it

Answers to a prompt from Seth Godin
Love is the trembling of the heart – Photograph by Susan J. Preston

“When you’re doing work you love, what does it feel like? How can you do more of it?”

– Seth Godin

Prompt from the Forward Link Community

When I’m doing the work I love it feels like swimming with the stream. I’m in the flow and am able to trust I’m where I’m supposed to be. It’s an expression of love and purpose. Doing the work I truly love reflects the beauty of the world and communicates the amazing work my clients are doing as creative and service-centered professionals.

Seth’s prompt reminds me of a quote I discovered many years ago: 

Whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing.

– Yogi Tea Tag

While sipping my cup of licorice tea, I took the tag as a call to wake up and be present to whatever I’m doing right now. When I make a choice to this and not that. How beautiful is this? Do I want to miss it? I’ve found the more I look deeply into what I’m doing the more likely I am to love it. Which means love has a lot to do with showing interest. 

Beauty is found in the doing, not the worrying. Just contemplating how I am alive and in motion on this bright morning filled with possibilities it’s impossible to argue with the miracle of being and doing anything at all. I’m a fool not make the choice to love it.

Here, now, my fingers are tapping away on the keyboard, doing something beautiful: sharing my impressions on love with you, my reader. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world, mostly because I’m fully present to it.

This, I believe, is the key to doing the design and photography work that I love: to bring the full force of my creativity and presence to every action as best I can in service to others.

It’s a frame; a view; a posture; a skill; a way of being in the world that no matter what I do it holds the promise of of being love-worthy.


May the beauty you love, be what you do. – Rumi

Looking forward to being of service to you,

Susan J. Preston
Creative Director + Marketing

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