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Website Security + Backup Pricing

Our Security Plans provide monthly prevention, monitoring & restoration services to maintain a high level of security for your WordPress website.




Basic security without cutting corners

Setup, licensing & Configuration ($300 value)

Sucuri Firewall ($240 value)

Malware scanning

Brute Force Protection

Two-Factor Authentication (for admins) 

WordPress Core Updates

Theme Updates

Plugin Updates

EMERGENCY RESPONSE if an urgent software update is released mid-month, we will conduct and emergency upgrade on your website – see below… 

Full Site Backup (Monthly)

Database Backup (Weekly)

Monthly Report

Remote Storage (Full Year up to 6 Gigabytes)

Uptime Monitoring

Limited login attempts

Custom login address

Malware cleanup-in the unlikely event your site is infected, the first restoration is provided for FREE. ($150 value)

*E-commerce sites require additional time to manage – please see the Basic Plus Plan if your site has a store or membership area. 





Basic Security PLUS E-Commerce or Membership Protection

Everything in the BASIC PLAN plus…

This package provides added value for WordPress sites that store larger amounts of customer information and likely include additional plugins and extensions. 


More frequent database backups – daily or twice daily

Additional monthly testing to be sure your site’s commerce and membership areas are working the way they should be. 





Comprehensive coverage for sites with higher traffic and frequent updates

Everything in the BASIC PLUS Plan


Private staging area for testing updates prior to execution, greatly reducing software conflicts that can break your site’s functionality.

Eyes on your site

Comment spam monitoring & deletion

NOTE: Duplicates of your premium plugins on staging areas will be billed separately.

Descriptions below

** Stock photo licensing fees not included

*Paid annually. Quarterly payments available for an additional $25 per month.

See our FAQs Section below.

Setup & Configuration

Includes installation & configuration of all security settings for your website including your Sucuri firewall. We also purchase ongoing licenses for your theme in addition to our professional suite of plugins that secure and improve the functionality of your website.

$375 value


We partner with Sucuri, a internationally recognized website security company, to provide Firewall protection which filters all incoming traffic to detect and stop malicious traffic from reaching your website. Not only does this make your site more secure, it should make it perform better. (A big SEO plus!)

$200 value

Find out more →

Malware Scan

All our plans offer malware & hack scanning every 12 hours. If a hack is detected, we will work with Sucuri to restore your site–usually within six to eight hours.

(NOTE: Please see What if I Get Hacked in the FAQs below.)

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of your website. It also encrypts all data being sent from your website to the server–a requirement for all sites with e-commerce as well as something Google checks for when ranking your website. Although SSL certificates do nothing to protect from incoming traffic, having one is a signal to search engines that you are who you say you are and will appease the Search Enginge Gods over at Google. NOTE: Available for additional fee with annual upkeep.

Monthly Status Report

All of our WebCare Plans include a status report that is sent to your inbox every month. Reports keep you out of the dark and reveal exactly what we have done to backup and secure your website. Also included: details on lockout incidents that prevented unauthorized users from attacking your website and uptime monitoring.


It’s not uncommon for URGENT security patches to be released for every type of software running a WordPress site. 

In the Summer of 2021, for instance, the authors of WooCommerce notified registered users of a serious security – so serious, in fact, the software authors eventually issued an unprecedented force update to websites using the plugin. Clearly Presentable is proud to report that all of the sites we manage were safely updated within 90 minutes of being alerted by the plugin authors. Unlike most maintenance providers, we don’t wait till the end of the month to attend to your website if there is an urgent issue. 

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication on admin-level roles is one of the best things you can do to secure admin-level logins area of your WordPress site. Once implemented, a code will be sent to your email address or smartphone that must be entered to gain entry to the dashboard.

Custom Login Address

The default login address for WordPress sites is /wp-login.php.
Since every hacker on the planet knows this, we change your login address to a unique URL, preventing hackers from attempting a Brute Force attack.

We also limit the number of consecutive login attempts to your website to protect from Brute Force attacks as well as anyone who is trying gain access to your site without authorization, such as: former employees, hackers, and unethical competitors.

Limited Login Attempts

We will limit the number of consecutive login attempts to your website to protect from Brute Force attacks as well as anyone who is trying gain access to your site without authorization, such as: former employees, hackers, and unethical competitors.

Wordpress Core Updates

In 2016 alone, WordPress issued five “Security and Maintenance releases” which are typically flagged URGENT. These updates are created in response to known threats to the WordPress software and should be done as soon as possible. All WebCare Plans include monthly checks & updates to the WordPress core, but we also drop what we are doing and update your software every time an URGENT update is announced.

Find out more →

Theme Software Updates

Your theme is an additional layer of software that sits on top of the WordPress core software, providing a starting point for design & layout. Whenever the core software is updated, it is very likely your theme software will be updated as well to maintain functionality and security.
We  check for new releases to your theme each month and upgrade accordingly.

Find out more in this post →

Plugin Updates

Out of date plugins are one of the most prevalent points of attack on Wordpress sites, which is why we check all of your site’s plugins for new version every month and upgrade when they are available.

Find out more in this post →

Full Monthly Backups

Even though most hosting services create backups it’s essential to have your own–see Remote Storage. We backup your entire webiste–including database, software, files and images–every month to ensure quicker relocation or restoration when you need it most.

Weekly/Daily Database Backups

Every time any form of software (core, theme, plugins) is updated on your site, a database back-up should be made. Depending on how often you are adding content/updating  your website, we will create database backups on a weekly or daily basis.

Offsite/Remote Storage

All backups should be stored far away from your hosting service–if your site goes down or your hosting company encounters a serious breach, your insurance policy won’t go down with the ship! Storing old backups within a WordPress site poses security threats–the older the backup files, the more outdated & easy to penetrate the software contained within them will be. All of our plans cover up to 6gbs of annual storage. For larger sites, additional space will be billed separately. 

Abandoned Software Check

Every now and then a plugin or theme is left twisting in the wind because the developer/author has thrown in the towel or moved on to other things. If we discover your theme or a plugin has been abandoned we will make recommendations on how to best move forward… either deleting or replacing it with a comparable alternative.

Eyes on Site

Every time software is updated there could be a conflict that affects the display and function of your website. This is why we check your site after every update to be sure it looks okay and is functioning properly. In the event a software conflict occurs, we cover up to an hour of our time to troubleshoot the problem. If we can’t fix it, we’ll roll your site back to the most recent version and provide you with recomendations.

An added bonus: we sometimes catch badly formatted blog posts/images, typos and broken links our clients would have otherwise missed!

Peace of Mind

The benefit of being able to sleep at night should not be underestimated–nor should the negative impact on your business, not to mention your mental outlook should your site go up in flames. We don’t push our clients into signing up for WebCare, but we do know how time-consuming, expensive and dreadful dealing with a hacked site can be. The truth is, all of us sleep better at night when a plan to monitor, protect and quickly recover your site is safely in place.

Please inquire about a WordPress Security Plan now!

Additional Premium Services

Staging Area for Upgrade Testing

As mentioned above, conflicts can occur any time your software is updated. Since conflicting plugins can dismantle functionality or cause portions of your website to display improperly, it’s a VERY good idea to have a copy of your site stored on our server where we test all updates PRIOR to executing them on your server. This minimizes potential down-time in the event a conflict occurs. (If a conflict does occur in our staging area, we will notify you & make recommendations.) 

$100 per month value

Support Tasks

One of the most common questions we get is, “What if I have little ‘tweaks’ to my copy, or I need to change a photograph? Are those covered?”

As much as we’d love to cover tiny changes for our clients, you can imagine they add up very quickly. With the Premium Plan, we will complete up an hour of tiny tweaks every month. 

$150-500 per month value depending on your plan

Content Management Assistance

If you need ongoing assistance with updating your website, including: assitance with posting your articles, finding appropriate images, posting new testimonials or formatting web-friendly images, the Premium + Plan covers up to 5 updates per month. What a deal!

$300-400 per month value


Frequently asked questions


Yes! Simply let us know what plan you want and we’ll charge you the prorated difference for our current rate.


We will email you a month before your plan expires, inviting you to renew without interruption. Keep in mind that stopping will also stop updates to the plugins that were included in your plan as well as your firewall. If, after cancelling, you wish to reinstate your plan, there may be a $250 fee to reinstate software licenses and recreate your staging area if you had one.


The only hack-free website is one that isn’t online.

Since your website is created with software that is sourced from multiple places with multiple authors and is hosted by a company that is out of our control, there is no way we can promise you a hack-free website. No one can. The internet is constantly changing, as are hacking techniques. A new form of malware could come on the scene 4 months from now that no one is aware of.

For this reason, it’s imperative that every site owner be aware of the potential points of entry for hacks to take place–Susan wrote an informative article about it here. Each of us must take responsibility for our own online behavior as well – Mark, our lead programmer, wrote a blog post about the biggest threat to your website’s security here.

Please see WHAT IF I GET HACKED below for more information.


While we do everything we can to button down your website, putting numerous security measures in place that greatly minimize the potential for an attack, one still might take place. (Please see WILL MY SITE BE 100% SECURE above.) If you don’t understand why, please peruse the security articles in our blog for more information or give us a call.

Sometimes, clients will understandably ask, then what am I paying for?

The health of your website is much like your physical health. You can eat the right diet, get loads of exercise, avoid cigarettes and alcohol – the whole nine yards – but there’s still a chance you’ll come down with the flu… or get cancer… or have a heart attack. The internet, like our bodies, isn’t iron clad.

So, I invite you to think of your WordPress Security & Backup Plan the same way as your health insurance plan, which you pay a monthly premium (and possibly a co-pay) whenever you visit the doctor. 

In the unfortunate event your site does go down or we receive notice of malware on your site via the security measures we have in place, one of two things will happen:

1. WordPress Security & Backup clients receive priority attention. In the unlikely event a problem emerges, we’ll drop what we’re doing to initiate a malware scan for you.

2. If a scan of your site indicates a malware attack, we submit a support request to clean it up with Sucuri

3. If the scan does not reveal a malware problem, we offer additional diagnostic support for software conflicts at $125 per hour. NOTE: you can purchase 5-hour blocks of time at a discounted price of $495. 

4. If you have the Basic or Premium Security & Backup Plan, your first restoration is provided for FREE.  Additional clean-ups will be billed at $100 per incident (paid by credit card in advance). 

*Having a site go down without a plan in place can easily cost $1000 to fix, not including the impact of having your site go down. For an example, read this


For an initial $475 fee, we’ll do our very best to fit diagnosing your issue into our schedule and get back with you with a resolution or recommendations for getting it fixed. Please keep in mind that having a WordPress Security & Backup Plan in place reserves time in our calendar every month to secure your website. 


We provide quotes for custom content management that are based on your specific needs. Please email us or give us a call to discuss what’s best for you!


We bill annually and payments are due in advance. If you prefer making quarterly advance payments, please add an additional $25 per month to our posted fees.

The Internet is Broken, Get Secured.

Unless you’ve been completely unplugged the last couple of years, you’ve surely seen an escalation in hacking reports in the media. The United States Government has been the target of serious attacks along with numerous businesses and high-profile corporations. Chances are high that you’ve received notice from at least one company you’ve purchased from online, alerting you to a breach of your personal information, or maybe you know someone whose email or Facebook accounts have been compromised.

So why would your WordPress install be immune to all of the online bacteria?
The unfortunate answer is, it isn’t. 

It’s important to be aware of the ways your site can be hacked and have a process in place to prevent, monitor and respond to an attack if it happens. Yes, you need a response plan in place because every expert in online security will tell you there is no such thing as a 100% secure website. New hacking techniques tumble into the internet on a continual basis, posing new risks that we aren’t aware of yet.

After investing thousands of dollars in your website, why would you risk having it go down, incurring significant remediation costs, mental anguish and taking a blow to your reputation?

It’s a question we think about all the time here at Clearly Presentable, which is why we offer monthly WebCare Plans to help protect your investment.

Clearly Presentable offers

1. Securing points of entry

2. Monitoring for breaches

3. Remote back-ups

4. Restoration

5. Software updates and testing

6. And more… see above!

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