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I am proud to announce that Clearly Presentable has relocated from Washington, DC to Taos, New Mexico!

After 18 months in Santa Fe, the quiet and majestic beauty of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains has enticed me further north. As a city mouse the transition to rural northern New Mexico has been an interesting one. I’m finding the creative atmosphere (you can’t throw a tortilla in the air without hitting an artist with it) and the hypnotic lure of the spicy green chili in the local cuisine is settling in. As I find my place in a new town, I’m very taken with the beauty and history that surrounds me. There is so much to be discovered… so much creative inspiration to found!

Taos Web Design Services

Just as before, Clearly Presentable will continue to offer expert WordPress design services to our clients in Washington, DC with face-to-face service to clients in  Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico. With close to 20 years in the interactive media industry, we have a long history working with clients who demand professionally crafted, custom web design and presentation services that not only looks good, but also brings a return on their investment.

In a world where anyone can put together a website, we take a stand for real businesses who value professional web design and understand the importance of clear, distinct and targeted communication–both on and offline.

Taos Online Marketing Services

A website is only effective if people are able to find it, which is why we also offer local search engine optimization services to our clients. Local SEO includes keyword optimization, submitting your website to Google as well as placing you in local review sites and registries.

Taos Graphic Design Services

In addition to speaker support presentations and web design, Susan has many years experience with branding, creating logos for many of her clients. Business card design, letterhead design and even billboard design are services Clearly Presentable offers to the local Taos and Santa Fe business communities.


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