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Find out what a truly presentable & targeted website can do for you. 

Clearly Presentable provides top notch design that blends who you are and what you do into a professional presentation that resonates with the people you serve. Take a look at all of our offerings below – there’s something for every intentional business owner:

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Website Rescue Audit

Is your website collecting leads or dust bunnies?

You have about 8 seconds to capture your visitors’ attention once they land on your website. A recent study concluded that, on average, our attention spans are shorter than a goldfish’s, which means the World Wide Web has become a VERY BIG fishbowl.

  • Find out if you’re clearly (and quickly) communicating who you are and what you do to your intended audience.
  • Receive a list of actionable items that can be quickly put in place to increase leads on your website and improve your bottom line.
  • Learn to converse clearly with your designer so you can make immediate improvements to your website.
  • If you’re ready for a genuine conversation on how to improve your website, a Website Rescue Audit can definitely help you.

Website Rescue Audit

I’ll identify what isn’t working on your website, what could change, and ways to improve user experience. Not to worry, there’s always something that does work, but the aim of this session is to get to the point and cut through roadblocks obscuring the value of what you are offering the world.

My goal: to transform the way you think and feel about your online presence, and equip you with information and terminology so you can communicate more clearly with your web designer or developer – or us!

60 minute Zoom Call

Once you’ve had a chance to review your audit PDF we’ll set up a call. This is your time to share the goals you’ve set for your website. Next, we’ll reverse engineer where you want to be so you can take action quickly. If you have your own web designer, I will equip you with ways to improve your communication. If you don’t have a web designer, you can apply the full price of our call toward a new website package or a monthly retainer.

What to expect

Rescue Audit calls are held via phone or Zoom–your choice. Before your audit is created you will be given a short questionnaire so we have an idea of what the main goals of your website are, and what you feel you need the most help with.

PRICE: staring at $695, dependent on size of site

Availability: Currently booking mid-May 2022

Please keep in mind a limited number of Website Audits are available each month. 

Discovery Workshop

Lay a solid foundation for all of your business communication.

Can you clearly articulate who your best customers are? How coherent is your business story? What are the precise communication problems your website needs to solve? Without answers to these questions, the “visual voice” of your site might be pretty, but probably won’t convert your visitors into paying customers.

Instead of pulling a canned theme off the shelf and shoe-horning your brand into placeholders we’ll point a warm spotlight onto the heart of your business, focusing squarely on your story and your audience.

Discovery Sessions include:

  • 6-7 workshop questionnaires with a strong focus on trust and storytelling to help you clearly define your audience (delivered weekly)
  • Six 1 hour one-on-one workshop sessions to review your responses and brainstorm solutions. Via Zoom. Santa Fe and Albuquerque-based businesses meet in person!

Discovery is fun.

Our process is creative and collaborative. Together, we’ll step into the shoes of your ideal client or donor, empathizing with their biggest wishes and worst nightmares as they relate to your specific products or services. Then we’ll dive into your story–WHY, exactly, you do what you do, your passions, your sense of purpose, and what drew you toward the work you do. Whether or not you think of yourself as an artist, we’ll encourage you to tap into your creativity to ask better questions, which has a way of leading to higher-level answers. Many of our clients find doodling on their worksheets (or the back of a paper napkin) helps to externalize ideas that are hard to write down on paper.

By the time you have completed these sessions, you will be clear on:

  • Who your audience really is and ways to communicate clearly and effectively with them.
  • How your story relates to your business and makes you memorable.
  • How you fit into the overall landscape of your industry.
  • A path toward clear, powerful branding and messaging.

Discovery Sessions Lite Price: $2000

Discovery Sessions VIP: 4900*

*Discovery Sessions are bundled with all of our web design offerings. 
Currently booking for June 2022

Custom Web Design


You’re a skilled entrepreneur or non-profit who wants results.

Whether you’re a startup, or you’ve been around the web design block a few times and haven’t seen the results you want there’s one thing you know for sure: you need a website that reaches more of the people you want to serve.

To achieve this goal you need a website that actually works. But what does that entail, really? The truth is, your website can work against your business–even beautiful websites can fall short if there’s no substance beneath it. This is where we come in, blending beautiful design with clear messaging – now that’s what a beautiful website truly is.

What’s included in our web design services packages?

It really depends on what you need.

Do you really need a custom solution, or would a template suffice? Will Paypal serve just fine, or is a full-fledged shopping cart with membership capabilities what you need to serve your customers?

We used to offer set package prices but became frustrated when clients automatically grabbed at the “simplest” or the “fanciest” options without taking a deeper and longer view into account. As marketing professionals, we know how to work with you to determine what you actually NEED to SUCCEED–which may or may not be a top of the line custom solution with bells and whistles.

We don’t deliver interactive billboards. We deliver a business tool.
The biggest mistake small businesses make is referred to as Launching and Leaving.  The only way you will know if your website is hitting the nail on the head is to look at the analytics, obtain feedback from customers and commit to paying attention. The beauty of the web is it’s so easy to update a photo or tweak your written content and measure the impact.

This is why we include Positioning Sessions in every web design estimate–unless a communication problem is identified it will be impossible to solve.  Once we’ve wrapped our arms around the details of your business, we won’t be guessing about what you actually need. And you won’t be wasting your money! 


Website Refresh
If you’re okay with the web design you currently have but are not getting the results you want, we’re happy to work with you to update your messaging and spruce a few things up. This is a great choice if you want to experiment with new copy, are shifting the focus of your business or have a small budget.
Price varies. 

Basic Templated Design
This solution is perfect for businesses that are just starting out and/or want to include testing, SEO and analytics into a smaller budget. Again–it’s important to know what you need to succeed. Sometimes a templated design is the best first step that allows us to include other marketing services.

Premium Design
Most business benefit from a truly unique online presence. Premium design addresses every aspect of your business communication with a primary focus on strategy. If you’ve already had your website designed once or twice and understand that an online brochure isn’t what you want, give us a call!

Basic Web Design starts at: $6500

Custom Web Design starts at: $10,000

Availability: Currently booking for late July/August 2022 

(Initial consults usually available within 7 business days)
Note: Rush turnarounds are sometimes available. Contact Us for more information.

SquareSpace Design

You want a beautiful pre-designed site and are willing to work within design and layout constraints

SquareSpace is known for it’s modern and beautifully designed templates.  Although the limitations that one must accept when dealing with a hosted-for-you site builder platform can be way too restrictive for most of our clients, from time to time we’ve discovered it can be a realistic and more cost-conscious starter solution for start-ups who wish to test out ideas with a minimum viable product, as well as event sites which have a short lifespan. Regardless of what anyone might say, the SquareSpace softward does have a learning curve – we’re here to help you get up to speed with it once your site is launched. 

What’s included in our SquareSpace design solutions?

Help With Choosing the Right Template
The right template – the design that is perfectly suited for your particular business needs – may not be the one that you’re initially drawn to. This is often due to the fact that we are visual creatures and prefer the designs that give us an emotional “hit” or the typefaces and color choices speak to us.

One of the most common mistakes that small business owners make is considering the functionality and layout their site will actually need. This is where a professional designer can be of great help – saving you from big headaches down the road. Once the most appropriate template is chosen with you, we can customize the styles so it fits perfectly with your existing branded, or the brand we create for you.

Theme Style Customizations
Although it is very difficult and not cost-effective (and sometimes impossible) to implement layout changes with cloud services like SquareSpace, we can apply our professional design skills to any template and transform it into a consistently branded “home” for your business. Ideally, you will have gone through our Discovery Workshop with us prior to the beginning of your design process, which lays a foundation and speeds up the design choices moving forward.

Pricing Starting at: $4000

Availability: Currently booking for late July/August 2022

(Initial consults usually available within 5 business days)
Note: Rush turnarounds are sometimes available. Contact Us for more information.

Wordpress Security & Backup Plans

There’s nothing beautiful about getting hacked
(or losing sleep worrying about it).

When your brand new site launches online security may be the furthest thing from your mind. After all, everything is shiny, new and up to date, isn’t it?

From a security standpoint, they couldn’t be more spot-on. A freshly minted, professionally developed WordPress site is completely up-to-date with the most recent versions of WordPress, theme software and plugins.

But just like a home that gets really unseemly without routine housekeeping, or your car’s engine gets gloopy if you don’t change the oil, your website will get dirtier and greasier under its hood the longer it goes without routine security maintenance.

As a courtesy, Clearly Presentable includes 1 month of routine Web Security + Backup coverage with every web development contract. We provide monthly reports that detail every back-up, upgrades and site uptime. We also relay any pertinent notices your security plugin has issued so you know it’s really protecting you.

Please click here for detailed information on our Web Security + Backup Plans, which start at $149 per month with discounts given to our existing design clients!


Retain Our Services!

Get first-line service at our best prices.

If you know you will need ongoing support, placing us on a monthly retainer makes good business sense. Retainer clients receive 1 or more days per month set aside just for them and can enjoy discounts up to 20% depending on the total number of hours secured. We even allow you to “bank and borrow” a full month’s hours.

Services  Included:

  • Blog posting
  • Content updates
  • Design updates to your site
  • “Eyes on your Site”
  • Image editing
  • Design for your social media outlets
  • Content upload
  • Powerpoint | Keynote Presentation | Webinar| Slideshare development

Services not included on retainer include: Logo design, HTML5 animation, Web design, SEO, PHP and CSS programming and video editing and production.

Quarterly Marketing “Tune-ups“

After your site launches, “Now what…?”

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about launching a new site is if they “build it, they will come.” Although this may have been true 20 years ago when very few businesses had a professional online presence in today’s online world, pretty much everyone has some kind of presence online now. With so many website services and social media outlets creating competition for the attention of your ideal customer, the most valuable asset we have as business owners are:

1. Our happy customers, who provide referrals
2. An email list, with a digital strategy to build it. 

At Clearly Presentable, we put a very clear focus on STRATEGY. Right out of the gate, we emphasize the importance of TESTING and ITERATING your approach. Instead of “Launching and Leaving” your site, we advocate paying attention to how your site is performing. No one has a crystal ball, which is why our clients love receiving our ongoing help with marketing consulting and brainstorming. 

When you sign up for Quarterly Tune-ups we both set aside time for 90 minute sessions where we review your site with a fine-toothed comb. Taking a hawk-eye approach, we circle back around to our initial discovery work to see if your ideal client and/or focus has changed. We all take a big picture approach, looking at how you are engaging with your audience in-person, on social and via email campaigns.

Susan Preston, principle of Clearly Presentable and winner of the Zander award in Seth Godin’s altMBA21, guarantees you will walk away with ideas, both big and small, that you can immediately take action on! 

Please contact Susan to inquire about and sign up for Tune-ups! Starting at $1995 per year. 

Since Susan Preston waved her magic wand over our website a few years ago we have seen a yearly increase in applications for our summer chamber music program.  The Taos School of Music is beyond delighted with Clearly Presentable.

Elizabeth Baker
Executive Director, Taos School of Music

Don’t work with Susan if you only want to throw something up on the web without investing much of your time. But if you want to create a marketing machine for your business that’s truly exceptional I advise you to beg for a place on her calendar.

Lisa Newman
Publisher, WomenEat.com

Susan has been tremendously helpful to me in recent weeks. When we first met for my website audit, I was only expecting some helpful tips for my website. I have received so much more. Susan is that rare breed of part artist, part visionary and part marketing genius. She brings wit and empathy and expertise to every interaction I have with her, and I leave each conversation with more clarity on understanding my customer in a way that makes them want to hear from me.

Emily Barrosse
Founder, Bold in Business

Working with Susan is focused and intense but always with insight and humor. It has been a great collaboration for years and expect it to continue this way. The final site speaks for itself as well as for our firm. It’s clean, elegant, intuitive and effective. Who could ask for more?

Steve Lawlor
Principal, Lawlor Architects

Susan made the process fun. OK, it was work, but it was fun work, made so by her creative ideas, feedback on the copy I wrote and her responsiveness to my thoughts about the design she developed. We really helped each other do our best.

My site is evolving as I and my business grow and change, and I look forward to continue working with Susan on keeping it up-to-date and relevant.

Nancy L. Seibel, M.Ed., NCC, BCC
Owner & Principal, Keys to Change, LLC

Susan’s powerpoint designs and development leads my customers to select my company over other competitors. I can’t underestimate her command of design that makes all the difference. You will not be disappointed by her and Clearly Presentable! The best investment I have made is in Susan Preston.

Luby Ismail
President, Connecting Cultures

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