Websites as beautiful as the work you do.


A website can be an oasis.

A distinctly fertile place with a welcoming voice

where you are clearly seen and understood in a desert of conformity.

You already know what a mediocre website communicates to an audience.

You also know the first touchpoint your customers have must ring true, but how?

How will the people you serve know who you are, truly?

How will they see what motivates the extraordinary results you bring to a world aching for the beautiful?

Clearly Presentable’s mission is to engage in the creative process of inhabiting these questions with you, because we’re passionate about creating beautiful websites for people doing beautiful work in the world.

We take a multi-layered approach to design as problem solving, catalyzing creative professionals toward a website that conveys the intelligence, creativity and passion of the work they do.

Clearly Presentable is dedicated to the premise that when creative professionals are invited into an iterative process and collaboration toward the making of their website, the result is an online presence that resonates deeply with their audience and clearly reflects the singular presence of who they truly are.

The inter-web is crowded with ordinary websites that disappear into uniformity or fall short of communicating the message they are meant to deliver beneath “pretty” veneers and superficial formulas.

But we know what you do in the world is extraordinary, which is why Clearly Presentable is  committed to collaborating with you in distinctly creative and extraordinary ways to excavate new possibilities and hone in on what makes your business beautiful.

Clearly Presentable will help you to create a visual-voice for your website, one that allows your beautiful work to speak for itself.


Don’t work with Susan if you only want to throw something up on the web without investing much of your time. But if you want to create a marketing machine for your business that’s truly exceptional I advise you to beg for a place on her calendar.

Lisa Newman
Publisher, WomenEat.com

Working with Susan is focused and intense but always with insight and humor. It has been a great collaboration for years and expect it to continue this way. The final site speaks for itself as well as for our firm. It’s clean, elegant, intuitive and effective. Who could ask for more?

Steve Lawlor
Principal, Lawlor Architects

Susan’s powerpoint designs and development leads my customers to select my company over other competitors. I can’t underestimate her command of design that makes all the difference. You will not be disappointed by her and Clearly Presentable! The best investment I have made is in Susan Preston.

Luby Ismail
President, Connecting Cultures

Susan made the process fun. OK, it was work, but it was fun work, made so by her creative ideas, feedback on the copy I wrote and her responsiveness to my thoughts about the design she developed. We really helped each other do our best.

My site is evolving as I and my business grow and change, and I look forward to continue working with Susan on keeping it up-to-date and relevant.

Nancy L. Seibel, M.Ed., NCC, BCC
Owner & Principal, Keys to Change, LLC

Since Susan Preston waved her magic wand over our website a few years ago we have seen a yearly increase in applications for our summer chamber music program.  The Taos School of Music is beyond delighted with Clearly Presentable.

Elizabeth Baker
Executive Director, Taos School of Music

Susan has been tremendously helpful to me in recent weeks. When we first met for my website audit, I was only expecting some helpful tips for my website. I have received so much more. Susan is that rare breed of part artist, part visionary and part marketing genius. She brings wit and empathy and expertise to every interaction I have with her, and I leave each conversation with more clarity on understanding my customer in a way that makes them want to hear from me.

Emily Barrosse
Founder, Bold in Business

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