Branding and Website Redesign for Lynne Buchanan, Climate Photographer

Lynne Buchanan Fine Art Photograph Website Redesign


Lynne Buchanan is an internationally recognized fine artist who describes herself as a poetic climate photographer. With her second photography book, The Poetry of Being,  slated for release in July of 2023 and a deadline in early April to accept pre-orders of her book, Lynne arrived on my virtual doorstep asking for a brand refresh and new website design complete with e-commerce.

A fine balance was struck with close attention to the specific requirements for fine art presentation and Lynne’s remarkable images which were edited and sequenced by Pulitzer Prize-winning photo editor and strategist, Stella Kramer. A neutral color palette was chosen which echoes the natural earth tones in the artist’s platinum palladium images with a verdant green as a focus color. Once the emotional tone and typography were approved, Clearly Presentable developed Lynne’s new logo incorporating portions mycelium illustrations created by Dolores Santoliquido, which are crucial for fertile soil and integral for healthy forests.

Together we chose the SquareSpace platform for a custom-designed online presence, featuring multiple portfolio collections and a book store.

At the time of this writing, she is on her way to Spain where a series of her Poetry of Being images were awarded an honorable mention by the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards in Barcelona.

Fine artist and platinum palladium photographer, Lynne Buchanan's website and brand redesign featuring ecommoerce for the sale of her new book and one of a kind platinum palladium prints

Check it out online!

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April 18, 2023

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