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I have a lot of admiration for Leo Keukens. While just a boy, he was interned in an Indonesian concentration camp during WWII and lived to tell the story. It wasn’t until his early 80’s, however, that he decided to create a historic record of his harrowing experience in the form of a historic memoir.

While the primary purpose of the website has been to obtain a book deal with a publisher, it also serves as an online record of his direct experiences in WWII Indonesia, a segment of modern history which has been poorly documented.

The slider on the homepage immediately pulls the viewers attention in with a haunting image of a boy sitting in a barracks surrounded by other children. Although this shot is not of the author himself, it is one of just a handful of image the author uncovered on one of my his trips to the Netherlands to conduct historic research. Dramatic images such as this one have the power to reach out and grab readers’ attention and preliminary search analytics have shown very low bounce rates and reader engagement in the short time it has been on the internet.

Clearly Presentable provided logo design, website design & development for this project.

Please visit Leo’s site. He has an important story to share with the world, and it is my hope he is successful in getting it published!

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April 7, 2014

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