This is my winter’s song

This morning I finally lit my first fire of the season. I say finally because even though the firewood was delivered and stacked weeks ago, I wanted the first spark to be lit at the right moment, with reverence and a prayer for peace in a very dark season. So when I...

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How to write a website RFP

So you’ve come to the conclusion you need a website! Whether the thing that will enchant you the most is a brand new responsive website or an upgrade of your current one, Clearly Presentable has put together a list of bullet points to help you prepare an RFP (Request...

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SEO: How NOT to Shoot Your Eye Out on the Internet

Up until about the age of three, I had a bit of a compulsion to always be first. “Me foist!” is what I’d yelp out whenever a queue formed. I loved being at the head of the pack, forging new territory with a red balloon in one hand and a Golden Book in the other. That...

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