Web design and presentation graphics, hand-crafted in Taos, New Mexico 

Great design starts with defining a problem and then going about solving it beautifully and intelligently.

Clearly Presentable provides professional, custom WordPress web design and presentation graphics that are beautifully crafted AND deliver results for your company. With 19 years of experience in interactive media, we know that slick designs and pretty pictures must be paired with solid business research that focuses in on what makes your company unique among your competitors while resonating deeply with the heroes of your business story: Your Customers.

Website Design

Clarity eliminates confusion, allowing the beauty of what you to do to emerge. We like to think building a website is a lot like building a house. The foundation and underlying structure must be thoughtfully considered and implemented before the final decorative touches are added that make a house a home. Beautiful design by itself, doesn’t convert visitors into customers, which is why we take the time to lay a foundation with you to pinpoint your target market:

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What is his or her biggest frustration?
  • What makes you, your products, or services unique?
  • Why would someone choose you over your competition?
  • What action do you want your visitors to take?

A website, like any form of presentation, improves by leaps and bounds when there is clear understanding and direction. Once we’ve determined why you have a website and who you wish to serve, the final design phase can unfold naturally.

New Presentations

Clearly Presentable will create a storyboard + design to craft an entirely new presentation complete with templates for you.

Existing Presentations

Many clients already have a foundation in place. Clearly Presentable will build on your visual assets and written content, helping you to revise, improve or re-imagine your existing presentation. If all you need is a new template, we are happy to provide this too.

Cross-Platform + Multiple Devices

We are familiar with the latest technology! If you want to use your iPhone as a remote control, we have the power to make it happen.  If your Powerpoint presentation needs to be distributed to Mac users, we’ll make sure the fonts display properly. Both Keynote and Powerpoint presentations can be installed on your iPad or other tablet for one-on-one presentations or in-store demonstrations.

Choosing the Right Tool

We work with the most recent versions of these popular software tools:

  • Powerpoint
  • Keynote
  • Slideshare
  • iOS-friendly HTML5 animation
  • Animation for Video

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